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Tilapia Aquaculture Creates Food and Jobs in Haiti
Operation Blessing International (OBFISH) has constructed and is operating a state-of-the-art intensive tilapia hatchery in a Santo, Port Au Prince Haiti. This facility has the capacity to produce many millions of tilapia seed (fingerlings) every year on a regular basis. It is working with a white Aurea x Nilotica hybrid provided by Aquasafra, Inc., the largest tilapia hatchery in North America. We have identified our unique fish in Haiti as Tilapia Ajan. In Creole, this means “silver tilapia” noticeable by its more attractive white or silver color skin, compared to the more common all black or gray tilapia. It is a very hardy and fast growing strain for Haitian farmers to benefit.Tilapia Ajan fingerlings are available to private farmers, NGO’s, Missions or to supply the government’s Reservoir Lake stocking programs. With a consistent supply of high quality tilapia seed, a Haitian tilapia industry has a good chance of growing to provide highly nutritious food and job creation in the aquaculture sector.OBFISH has years of experience in shipping tilapia seed and can pack large numbers for transport over many hours to all regions of Haiti. The fish are packed in plastic bags (like a balloon) filled with 1/3 water and 2/3’s pure oxygen gas. 1000’s of fish can be packed appropriately and transported in the trunk or car seat to be taken to farms across the country.For more information please contact: Jessica in PaP at 509-48900643

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New Tilapia Hatchery Brings Hope To Haiti

The completion of a tilapia hatchery and its adjoining farm has brought a new hope to Haiti. This project has been in development for the past two years, under the stewardship of Operation Blessing International and Partners in health.

“I’ve been going to Haiti a week a month for the last two years with the task and goal of trying to spark a tilapia industry in Haiti by supplying high quality SR (sex reversed) tilapia seed along with technical knowhow to grow them”, said Mike Picchietti of AquaSafra Inc., who is also aquaculture director for the project.
Picchietti said his team installed the hatchery in back of the AquaCells put in place for the grow-out side of the project.

For the immediate future, Picchietti explained, the plan is to produce more food for Haiti and, more importantly, jobs for Haitians. “Of course we don’t have an immediate market for this quantity of fingerlings. We have been donating some 100K quantities to the Ministry of Fishers to stock in public reservoirs and we are developing grow-out customers as the word and supply news gets out”, he said.

The project is also participating in teaching courses on the basics of fish farming and has assisted in the establishment of a Haitian Tilapia Association.
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